The Perfect Beach Cottage Decor has a Nautical Flair

When people decorate a second home at the lake or a cottage by the ocean they often choose a nautical decor theme. They might be passionate boaters who love to sail on the weekend. They might be retired from the Navy or the Merchant Marines and have chosen to include some of their mementos in their home. One of the most popular nautical home accessories is to use a ship’s bell in place of a door bell. Usually these are placed in an ornate stand and surrounded by other nautical items such as lobster pots, netting, driftwood, and seashells.

Nautical decor encompasses a wide range of home accessories and designs. Ship themed items are always popular. The lighting fixtures in a home can be styled like those found in 19th Century luxury liners and tall ships. Alternatively they can be modern shaped lighting fixtures with ships carved into the designs. Even a crystal collection can include a ship’s decanter for storing whiskey. This type of decanter is flat on the bottom, so it wouldn’t fall over if the ship started to pitch.

An art lover can include nautical wall decor easily. It can be a dramatic picture of a tall ship in a storm or a romantic beach in the evening. It could also include a large starfish on the wall. Sometimes a tall anchor is propped up in the corner against the wall. These are too heavy to be hung in most homes. For a casual feel in a family room, a fisherman’s net can be hung on the wall. Then small and light items such as fishing lures and seashells can be attached to it. Whimsical and brightly colored plastic or ceramic fish can be included as well. Of course a large aquarium would be a fun way to incorporate live fish in an ocean scene.

Pillows are an easy way to incorporateĀ nautical bedding sets throughout a house. They can show lighthouses, seashells, sailors in traditional uniforms or abstract ocean waves. It’s also easy to change these with the season. At Christmas it’s fun to include a pillow with a nautical Santa steering a ship. Homeowners may choose to have nautical paintings on their walls and then use the ocean colors in their furniture fabrics and pillows.

Nautical decor bathrooms are a very popular option. Shower curtains can be bordered with seashells or ships. There are many different bath mats and towels to match. Large mirrors with a seashell border are beautiful. There are even seashell toothbrush holders and soap dishes to complete the look.


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